Brad Smith - My Life
I've wanted to compile a visual history of my life for a while now. I'm over 60 but happily I have plenty of photographic records of my life due to a 'camera-carrying-family'. I'm the same, there's never a camera too far away.  I've had a wonderful life. Shared with a great family in a typical suburban house. Our Grandmother lived with us all my life and we adored each other. 'Nana' was my special gal. She wouldn't have cared that I was gay and the only time she complained was when I had to drop the 'F Word' on stage. All she said afterwards was "That wasn't my Grandson up there". 

My work as a makeup artist and hairdresser came to an end a few years ago because it's a world for the young. 5am starts and 12 hour days are out of your capabilities when you're in your 50s. Leave it to the young, I say!  I've now retired from full time work and am enjoying a relaxed, yet busy life. Taki and I have been together for more than 10 years.  Where does that time go? Crazy.  

I won't go on anymore, pictures tell a thousand words so I'll leave the exploring up to you. Just click on any of the photos below and they will take you on a pictorial journey of those years.

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