1970s - Just click on the first pic and then travel along.

My very first car. The Volksy! How cool did I think I was when I got my license and drove this around! I don’t think we even had P Plates in those days.

Original House

Our original house in Yarraville. $25,000. We couldn't believe that we would spend SO much money. It sold recently for over $1m!


Richard worked on the Westgate Bridge. ‘Family Days’ were held which allowed us to go up and see the progress. We were fortunate to miss the collapse of the bridge.


I think Christine Burrows and myself shared the best performer award but I can’t recall what for! Maybe "Once Upon A Mattress" or "Hello Dolly".


Yes, I wore these. Much to my amazement. And I can’t even get into them today. But I’ve still got them! (probably as a bad reminder)


My sister Tina and myself at what looks like a birthday celebration. Probably my 21st birthday at home.


The epitome of the BAD 70s look in 1972. Black velvet suit, ruffled shirt with HUGE velvet bow tie. Notice the armour next to my left hand? It was a drink decanter!


This was a headshot taken of me when I was going to conquer the world of acting. Guess what? I didn’t!


In 1975 I upgraded from the Volksy to the swish Mazda. Trouble was, wherever the Mazda went, so did a plume of blue smoke!


My Nana got in the groove of the seventies and donned a tomato red pants suit! I think she quite liked it too!


I was SO proud of my bedroom. And you can even see the orange fake-fur bedspread I’m sitting on. Even my hair should have been reported to the fashion police! The cushion on the blow up chair was a plastic see-thru filled with orange feathers!!


And here I am at Dad’s printing business. Printing evolved SO quickly that machinery like ours was out of date in a matter of 10 years.


From left: Uncle Don, Greg our apprentice, Hilda our bookbinder and my Dad. Pictured here at the back of our business in Footscray.


When puberty dawned, I knew I was supposed to like girls but something was wrong. In 1975 I met Richard and moved in with him.


Obviously getting the key to the door on my 21st but will you have a look at that SUIT! Piped edges, multi coloured shirt and a big velvet bow tie. The 70s....pffft!