The 1950s - click on a pic to enlarge it

Our house as we built it. It had a hedge of 'Lorraine Lee' roses. Terrible things but they were probably popular in the early 50s.


This is me with Dad, learning to mow in 1954. I soon forgot about that. I don't think I ever mowed again.


My 2nd birthday. With my new toy ship. I think I'd rather have the ti-tree bench seat nowadays.


Wasn't quite so enthused about this old Santa in '56.


1956 and I got a new train. Pretty excited even though it didn't do anything.


The Taylors lived just 3 houses away and Brian was my best mate. Dressups, yes. But these were very 'gun smokin'.


My sister Tina (7yo) and me (4 yo) shared the bath. That didn't last for long! 1957


With Santa at Myer. I *think this was a spaceship? But oh what a terrible beard! Grubby gloves too. And is that a toilet roll on the wall. I hope not.


My sister Tina did ballet. I just copied her. But I did it SO much better, don't you think?


And then there were the dressups. Seemed any time was a good time for dressups. I even made a wig out of Mum's knitting wool. Does that convince you that we're born this way?


Again, a show in our backyard. I was probably doing South Pacific.


There's enough for everyone! All the kids got into it.


Mum was the crazy photographer in the house. This was the new 'flashbulb'. Heavily posed in the late 50s.


Miss Lindbeck. Me in the back row. Grade 1b in 1959