The 1960s - click on a pic to enlarge it

Grade 3 in 1962. You'll find me poking out my tongue on the right in the second row. Pulling focus as usual.


Mum & I went to Surfers Paradise in 1966. She fell in love with the place, I didn’t. Mum moved there for some time later in life.


Tina, Dad, Mum and myself at our friend’s Corryong Hotel Motel. Eric and May Mugeli were the proprietors and great mates of Mum and Dad.


Our friends in Corryong owned the motel and my sister and I were very excited to receive breakfast through ‘the hatch’ each morning. Just like magic it arrived on time!


Mum in a very 60s pose outside our greeting card and printing business in Irving Street Footscray.


The interior of the shop with my Aunt and my Mum being models. 1960


Off to church I think. The 3 pointed pocket hanky was actually 3 points of fabric taped onto a piece of cardboard. Very smart!


I went to Sydney in 1966 with Neil and his mum Mrs Dickenson to wave goodbye to his actor brother John who was off to London to try his luck on the stage over there.


My Dad was very involved in Football. As a judge on the tribunal for the VFL(AFL), Committee for Footscray and later in the old players assoc. But like me, I don’t think he EVER kicked a footy in his life. Nevertheless, I'm proud of this photo.