1980s - Click on the first pic to enlarge it.

Now that I owned my house in Yarraville, it was time for renovation. I wanted modern! So I ripped out the inside...


...and went totally modern. I always loved this place when I renovated it. An entirely different feel to it compared to...


...the horror of my ‘pink phase’! Oh dear, what possessed me! And I even made all the furnishings myself. Groan.


All that renovating must have helped me lose weight. Here I am at my skinniest.


In the Cop Shop Makeup Caravan. It’s all changed nowadays. Back then it was everything and everyone in the same van. It's been jokingly said that this is my 'porn star' era.


Alex Papps and I became great mates in 1986 and remain so to this day. This was him playing my piano. A man of many talents.


Another ball, another bunch of drag. Tragic really.


I played Hysterium in a production of "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum". Good casting I'd call it.


My dear friend Liz Burch with her parents Joan & Jack. I adored Joan, an amazing woman. The world is a better place for having had her here.


I travelled to Japan to learn more about Bonsai. I was overwhelmed with the magnificence of the trees there. Indeed the entire country held me in awe.


Little did I realise what would happen when I helped out a Director friend on a weekend to do a film clip for a little known singer/actress named Kylie Minogue. The song was ‘Locomotion’.


I've directed or performed over 40 musicals in Melbourne. Directing a production of the crazy musical 'Little Me'.


I’m making up Alex here for Henderson Kids 2 but I’ve NO idea why I’m in a cowboy outfit. At the back is Nathan Croft, another of the Henderson Kids.


Alex became very well known on Australian TV but the shows also aired in England. He spent years doing plays and pants over there. This is a makeup that I designed for the Panto Dame.


And so in the 1980s began a love affair with Bali. Countless trips later, I still love the place. Mind you, the bedsits have changed to upmarket now. I like my comforts!


Paula Duncan and Nicholas Eadie are laughing heartily at me being VERY naughty. I dressed up as Lynda Stoner for a party we were all going to. And her MOTHER was going to also!


My friend Carolyn thought perhaps these lobsters might make nice earrings? Certainly not at 2015 prices!


I borrowed this costume from the Channel 9 wardrobe dept. And whipped up the white hair streak myself.


Carolyn and I went as bunches of grapes to another costume ball. Amazingly easy to make and wear.


Rick & I went to “The Alternate Miss Australia Ball ” As a pair of groovy 60s chicks. I was horrified that he didn’t have the decency to wear sheer to the waist panty hose!!


Jeannie Cameron is a very talented wardrobe designer although why we’re here with Michael Caton all wearing pith helmets, I’ll never remember!


I think maybe Peter O’Brien was leaving Flying Doctors? Why else would he receive the cream pie in the face from the crew? One of the loveliest blokes you'll meet.


Me being sexy with Rebecca Gibney. Hmmm.....I don’t think it worked very well. But she was, and still is, beautiful. And what a lovely person. x


TV Week needed Rebecca Gibney made up as Marilyn Monroe. “Call Brad Smith, he’ll do it.” And they did - and I did. Bec enjoyed it more as Monroe I think! Good fun.


This was the resulting cover.


Mum, niece Cassie, Dad, myself, sister Tina, niece Jenelle and Brother in Law Trevor.


The Henderson Kids 2. Shot mostly in Williamstown, this is a publicity shot from early in the shoot.


Nadine Garner, a gorgeous gal, loved by all. And she was certainly loved by Alex Papps on Henderson Kids 2.


Not too many people remember that “Neighbours” actually had it’s first year with Channel 7. Here’s me (makeup), Alan Dale, Elaine Smith & Doug Glanville (hairdresser). Good fun.


I wondered whether I should be so bold as to put this photo here but people who knew Pat Evison on The Flying Doctors may remember the day I dressed up as her. Ahem.


I laughed at this publicity shot from Paula & John’s TV wedding. I think maybe we were trying to outdo bust sizes between Paula & Lynda!


I’ve had a love affair with peacocks since I was a kid. Friends had them breeding on their farm and gave me a couple of hundred feathers. So instantly, a costume of course!


Little did I realise that in a few years these buildings would not be standing. Yes, I’m on top of the World Trade Centre.


In January 1989 my great mate Alex Papps and I went to New York, much to the horror of his Mum & Dad. We had a fabulous time at the gorgeous Hotel Plaza.


Our room at the Plaza. We saw any piece of theatre we could and had an absolute ball.


Rick & I once again. This time as the Black Mammy Salt & Pepper Shakers. I guess you couldn’t get away with this nowadays.


Weight loss, weight gain... it was all downhill from here.


Bonsai and all things Japanese were a fascination for me. I even learned to prepare sushi.


Great friend Wayne and his mate Tony. Wayne and I are still mates today as are Wayne and Tony.


Liz Burch & myself had an amazing holiday in the Maldive Islands. Sunsets that looked for all the world like painted backdrops. This was 1988.


It looks like a pool but Liz is actually relaxing on the lagoon edge. What a beautiful place.