1990s - Work & Home

Andrew MacFarlane and Liz are still great mates. Hard to meet a nicer person than Andrew. He was always a joy to work with.


A TV Week cover shot of the cast of The Flying Doctors. Obviously this was one of the ‘outakes’!


I went for the very dark greys with a touch of Japanese. For as long as I care to remember I’ve been collecting a particular Carlton Ware and built shelving to display it.


I did Liz Burch’s makeup thousands of times it seems but this was a special one for the cover of a magazine. She's a very dear friend. (lots of love, Lizzie)


“Boys from the Bush” Starred fabulous Aussie actors like Chris Heywood and Pat Thomson (RIP) Here I am in the makeup bus with Pat.


Sue Miles and I worked together on many shows. A great wardrobe gal, Sue has a wonderful sense of humour and we still meet regularly even though we’ve both left the film industry.


I did a commercial with Mark Mitchell as Con the Fruiterer. They needed the back of Marika for one of the shots. Guess who got to be Marika?


I had my grandmother’s pianola which occasionally got used by talented people like Alex as a real piano.


Eight of us travelled over to Bali for my 40th birthday. Great fun to go away with people whose company you enjoy. Little did I know I'd come back for my 50th AND 60th!


But then there were other times when we’d all stand around and belt out those show tunes. I had a fantastic collection of musicals on pianola rolls.


Dad, niece Cassie, Mum, sister Tina, niece Jenelle. A pic from the early 1990s.


La Lucciola restaurant in Bali. It’s bigger now and incredibly busy but I couldn’t have wished for a nicer place to celebrate my 40th.


My current house as I bought it in 1999. Compare it to the renovated version...


I inherited a love of gardening from my Dad and this was one of the gardens I created in Yarraville.


If you see any of it around, give me a yell eh?


This is that particular Carlton Ware.


I think this shot was Peter’s (tallest at rear) 40th birthday. Judith, myself, Barb, Bernadette, Peter, Richard & Garry. We still see each other for a gossip.


Very close friends Carmel & Matty early in their parenthood days. Great people with lovely kids