Bali for my 60th

The essence of Bali is beautiful flowers and the sound of trickling water.


We've stayed at Cicada Villas in Seminyak many times and we stayed there again for my 60th birthday. It's very beautiful and very peaceful.


The suites are spacious.


Each suite has it own pool and all have access to the main pool.


Bali is well known for its rice terraces. Spectacular waving mountains of green up and down all the hillsides. You must go up Ubud to see them, they really are spectacular.


Satay is an Indonesian favourite food. Beautiful, tender chicken pieces barbecued over hot coals and served with a delicious peanut sauce.


Food at Cicada was particularly delicious especially when it was served to you in your room every day. This was a typical breakfast.


Perhaps the electrical cabling might not rate well compared with Australian standards.


Dear Robert, always a sucker for a pretty girl.


Good friends Paul & Jerome. I was thrilled when they said they'd come over to Bali for the celebration.


My sister Tina (far right) came over too. Good fun to have her around for the birthday.


My best friend Alex wasn't able to get to my birthday because of his TV commitments in Sydney. Or so he said! I was sitting in our suite when suddenly this familiar face came through the gardens. Seems rather than hosting Playschool, as he said, he wanted to surprise me, which he sure did! It was a fantastic surprise.


It was lovely that Carolyn and her sister Shelley were able to come over also. Friends for over 30 years, Carolyn and I have shared many laughs over the years. She was particularly happy that Shelley's son Angus was able to come over also.


Taki seems to have realised that I love flowers. All kinds. And Bali is the place to get spectacular arrangements. This one was amazing.


And so off to Ku De Ta for the birthday, we went. Everyone caught taxis (they're SO cheap) and met us at the front of the functions area, right at the beach front. Drinks and food kept coming. I still have the invoice and believe it or not, we drank 51 Mojitos between us. I think 34 beers came next. We were all very merry.


Ku De Ta is a beautiful night spot with live music, food and drinks, right on the beach at Seminyak, Bali. You can lay and watch the beautiful sunsets whilst sipping on your favourite drink.


Alex & I


The photographer was standing by the water looking up at us, for this pic.


Dearest Taki. You couldn't hope to meet a nicer person. I'm blessed. 10 years later, it's still wonderful.


The sun was starting to set and we were all chatting madly. Was it the alcohol?


The red umbrellas of Ku De Ta let you know that this is the place. What's not to love about it?


Jenny & Davin, with Alex


The waiter brings more mojitos as the chat starts to liven and the skies begin to colour with the sunset.


The sun had set but we were all still in pretty good form.


We managed to get to Bali Zoo this time and it surprised me with its upkeep and animal treatment. Huge spaces with lots of natural jungle to hide in if they didn't feel particularly sociable. And I got to hug a very cute Orangutan.


Lovely friend Graham, got stuck in Melbourne with Visa problems and missed the birthday party. But came over anyway. We managed a couple of days together and I appreciated him coming.


Towards the end of our holiday, we went to Canggu and watched the sunset. Beautiful. But that's Bali, isn't it? Beautiful.